Born at Temse (Belgium) in the year 1969, my father and I went every week into nature to collect plants and small insects for feeding our collection of birds.
Soon I became fascinated by these collected insects and as such kept some for myself in order to observe them.

Years later I was catching my first butterflies creating the start of my first very own butterfly collection. Books of butterflies became Gods gifts to me at various occasions such as birthdays and other days of gifts.
In 1980 I bred my first native butterflies and came into contact with some people sharing those same interests. A new passion was born which evolved to my today’s main interests of giant butterflies like the genus Saturnidae and Ornithoptera.

Today we like to breed most of the insects ourselves to study the behaviour and metamorphosis.
We do hope to reach a number of people sharing our interests and hope you will enjoy your visit at butterflies.be.

Sincerest regards.
Mario De Cleen

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